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Replacement Windows Warren NJ You’re finally choosing window installation as your next exterior project. As you browse options for replacement windows in your Warren, New Jersey, home, you notice there are a lot of choices in terms of aesthetics and energy savings. Although navigating your way through window upgrades can be confusing, homeowners will need to take note in terms of what matters most.

Energy Saving Options

If your goal with new windows is to start saving more energy, you will need to be especially careful before moving forward with your new purchase. For maximum energy savings, your replacement windows need to include energy saving gases, dual or triple pane technology, and low-e glazing.

UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct offer all of the components that you need to engineer an energy efficient window. Depending on the glass package that you choose with UniShield®, Warren homeowners can enjoy energy savings of up to $465 per year.

What’s included with UniShield®? The most popular glass package is UniShield® Plus. This includes dual pane glass, argon gas between the panes, and a single coat of low-e glazing for maximum energy savings.

If you want to enhance your overall energy savings, consider a replacement window such as UniShield® Supreme, which includes triple pane windows, krypton gas, and a double coating of low-e glazing.

Quality Framing Materials

While saving energy is important with windows, you don’t want to forget about the quality of the frames. Vinyl is the most popular framing material for homes across America—including here in Warren.

One key indicator of the vinyl quality is price. When you notice cheap windows advertised around the area, this often means that the frame quality isn’t very durable. Why does this matter? Poor quality vinyl is susceptible to a variety of issues such as peeling, cracking, and warping.

Universal Windows Direct offers top-quality vinyl framing materials at an unbeatable value.

Expert Installation

If you’re serious about getting the best return on investment with replacement windows, be sure to have these products professionally installed. Otherwise, even the most energy efficient windows may lose energy and cost you even more money in the long run.

Universal Windows Direct offers professional window installation along with exceptional quality products. Contact us today to learn more.