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House Windows Westfield NJ Has your latest electricity bill depleted your bank account? Home energy loss can accumulate a lot of bills and make you feel as if you’re going bankrupt. While there are several ways to save energy in the home, one of the best methods is upgrading with new house windows. Replacement windows can help you save up to $465 per year on your utility bills and make your home feel more comfortable throughout the seasons.

If you’re thinking about upgrading with new windows, here are the top considerations to keep in mind:

Drafty Windows Can Cost You Hundreds Per Year

According to The National Fenestration Rating Council, US homeowners collectively lose $36 billion per year on their utility bills. If you’re living with drafty and inefficient windows, it’s safe to say that you’re likely sending money right down the drain.

Energy escapes through outdated windows at several points—including the sash, where the sash meets the sill, and the frames. The bad news is that you can’t always see if you have drafty windows with the naked eye. There are other signs that show if your windows are drafty, with many homeowners feeling a chill in the air while they’re sitting right by their windows.

Another quick test is to close all of the windows and interior doors. The next step is to light an incense stick and place it near the frame or sash of the window. If you see movement in the smoke, there is a high probability that you’re dealing with drafts in the home.

The best way to deal with drafts is to upgrade with energy efficient windows. These windows will keep cold or hot air outside where it belongs, and keep your home at a consistent indoor temperature.

Keep Your Home Energy Efficient with UniShield® Windows

When you’re looking to maximize energy savings with your new house windows, UniShield® is the top choice for Westfield homeowners. UniShield® is exclusive to UWD and uses today’s top technology to help you save more energy. This includes technology such as argon or krypton gas, dual or triple pane technology, and one or two coats of low-e glazing.

Homeowners simply can’t go wrong with UniShield®. Contact us today for a free estimate.